Tamalada – Remembering my mother – celebrating family

4 Dec

My mother taught many things. Though out our lives the one thing I enjoyed every single time was cooking. We did have pleasant good times in the kitchen. When it came to our traditional food she was amazing with making tamales being one of the most treasured legacies.

To make delicious tamales it takes a whole family effort to coordinate a great meal and happy family get together. The matriarch in charge is the one who coordinates the event. On day ONE she needs to go the store to buy many of the basic ingredients. She will have to start cooking at least a whole day ahead, but possibly two. The pre-preparation time depends on the amount of tamales being made and how many people are helping with the work. Typically, the matriarch in charge takes the whole responsibility. On this occasion there will be two matriarchs making pre-preparations for the tamalada.


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